Connected - DELGOSEA Social Media Networking

Connected - DELGOSEA Social Media Networking

Do you like what we are doing and always wanted to express that with a click on the famous ‘like’-button?

  • Do you like what we are doing and always wanted to express that with a click on the famous ‘like’-button?
  • Do you want to read our latest Tweets and stay updated on what happens next to the Wakatobi delegation visiting Muangklang in Thailand?
  • Do you want to see what happened last summer when the First National Workshop took place in the Philippines?
  • Do you want to LinkedIn with us and discuss why everywhere we are so is our mascot, the green square?
  • You don’t have time to regularly check out these sites but want to read the gist of what happened last months while enjoying a hot latte in your favorite coffee shop?

If that is the case you are lucky: The EU co-funded project Partnership for Democratic Local Governance in South-East Asia (DELGOSEA) joined the major social networks Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, our first electronic newsletter has been sent out in the middle of June and will continue to be spread, compiling the most important news of the month.

Our efforts towards a strong network of experts, local governments (LGUs) and local governments associations (LGAs) grows stronger every day and recently expanded into the sphere of social media. It not only enables us to share thoughts and information more efficiently but also increases our relations towards prospective representatives from government, academe and civil society.

As soon as our news are out, they will be blasted through all our walls, tweets and websites in order to keep you up-to-date in time. Videos and pictures will support the visibility and understanding of our information.

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