One Pangasinan Alliance of Local Government Units (OPAL) Presents Its Action Plan for Wetland Construction

Alaminos City Planning Officer, Roel Anonuevo (middle), is showing target location, Barangay Poblacion, for initial wetland construction to DELGOSEA Team


One Pangasinan Alliance of Local Government Units or OPAL, one of the three DELGOSEA’s pilot cities partner in the Philippines, facilitated an evaluation meeting followed with site visit by the project team on December 14, 2010. During this occasion, the Alliance highlighted the implementation status of DELGOSEA activities and its action plan to replicate Best Practice (BP) on constructed wetland from Udonthani, Thailand.

At the meeting, City Administrator Colonel Wilmer Panabang shared that Pangasinan coastal surroundings and its income generation reliance on agri-coastal and tourism industries, such as the famous Hundred Islands, were the main considerations for selecting Udonthani’s constructed wetland Best Practice. “Treatment and improvement of municipal wastewater, therefore, is primarily important. This is also consistent with OPAL’s vision of providing adequate, reliable and quality water service for household, business and agriculture,” said Colonel Panabang. 

Alaminos City would be OPAL’s first community to replicate Udonthani’s BP on constructed wetland. In Udonthani, the constructed wetland is a supplementary system to the existing municipal wastewater treatment system, to address several waste management issues, from fluctuating loads, variable quality of wastewater intake, to weather variations. The Alaminos City Administration Office will further lay out its technical and operational plan to replicate this approach from January 2011 onward.

Alaminos’ wetland is planned to be constructed initially on the five-kilometers stretch starting from Barangay Poblacion, an area near the marketplace where a significant amount of wastewater comes. The wetland construction in other OPAL communities will follow after DELGOSEA Project lifetime.

OPAL is an economic alliance of six municipalities –Agno, Anda, Bani, Burgos, Mabini, Sual, and one city – Alaminos.  In September 2, 2009,  the Alliance signed MoU with DELGOSEA and selected the BP on Constructed Wetland for Municipal Waste Water from Udonthani, Thailand for replication.

Alaminos City, OPAL’s lead convenor, sent City Administrator Wilmer Panabang to participate in DELGOSEA’s ten-days training workshop in Pattaya, Thailand on November 18-25, 2010. The workshop was designed to capacitate participants as coaches, in facilitating and monitoring the replication of chosen BP in pilot cities.