Short Memo: Eco-Savers a Big Success in Vinh City!

Short Memo: Eco-Savers a Big Success in Vinh City!

Viet Nam

Good news from Vinh City in Vietnam: The Eco-saver project, encouraging recycling in school children, is now being replicated in all primary and secondary schools in the city, transforming the city into a cleaner place.

The Eco-savers, a replication of a best practice from the Philippine city of Marikina, began in 2010 as a pilot project in three schools and rapidly spread throughout the city, thanks to the strong commitment of the local government. Not only does the scheme help to keep the town free of rubbish, it also creates a profit, since the collected recyclable waste is sold to junk shops. So far 25,000 USD have been generated by the school children's activities, but an even more important achievement is an increased awareness of the importance of recycling in not only the young generation, but also their parents. The cooperation between the education department and the waste management system is also encouraging and shows how much can be achieved by more collaboration and knowledge exchange within the local administration.

Vinh City's success has attracted the interest of other municipalities in Vietnam and the Eco-savers are slowly spreading to more places in the country.

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