Short Memo: Next Steps in Tarakan

Short Memo: Next Steps in Tarakan


Tarakan has a lot on its environmental development plate with the replication of Marikina’s Eco-Savers project and adoptions from Muangklang’s Low Carbon City. However, the progress and the enthusiasm are obvious!

While the TALING project helps Tarakan to keep the environment clean and recycle large amounts of waste (e.g. plastic), there is still waste that cannot be sold to junk shops – such as biodegradable waste. Having visited the best practice city Marikina, representatives from Tarakan were inspired by the use of a bio-reactor which facilitates the composting process of biodegradable waste. Through DELGOSEA facilitation, Tarakan is currently en route to purchase a Philippine-made bio-reactor and the required know-how to operate and maintain it.

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