Short Memo: Tarakan kicks-off TALING

Short Memo: Tarakan kicks-off TALING


January 26, the DELGOSEA pilot city of Tarakan in Indonesia started its environmental saving project (TALING) in a series of events.

During the last months, Tarakan city has been busy with setting up the framework for the TALING project. January 2012 finally marks the date when the project implementation gains momentum and everyone is eager to participate. Tarakan city is replicating both, the Muangklang low carbon city best practice and the Marikina eco savers project best practice.

The kick-off took place in the following schools:

  • the three elementary schools SD Karang Rejo 018, SD Karanganyar 24, and SD 001 Kampung Empat,
  • the two junior high schools SMPN 01, and SMP 09 Juwata Keriki,

In the picture you can see students who are queuing for their first recycle bags. These events were covered by the local television and newspapers in order to disseminate the good news. The first steps have been made towards the replications. A very promising start for Tarakan and its people! The next challenge which will be tackled is the waste collection system, the government announced.

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