Tarakan City Prepares for Best Practice Transfer Concept

Local coach M.Rais (middle) presented Marikina best practice highlights during transfer concept development workshop in Tarakan


Tarakan City has run a program awarding schools for their efforts on environmental education (Adiwiyata program). Based on the meeting between Technical Working Group members with DELGOSEA local coach Mr Mujadid Rais, representative of APEKSI Mrs Indah Wibinastiti, and local governance expert Eri Trinurini Adhi on February 22-23, 2011, Tarakan City will use these existing structures and expand this program by learning from the Eco-Saver program from Marikina in the Philippines.

The target group will involve several primary schools, with the participation of school committees (membership consist of parents, teachers, and community leaders) functioning as monitoring team during implementation. The project will also concentrate and involve activities on changing the mindset of the people towards garbage, to view recycle as part of income generation, and establish a sustainable mechanism for fruitful partnership between government and people in community-based waste management.  

 A further concretization of these plans will be worked out in the next workshops and detailed transfer concept for Tarakan City.