The Pilot Cities Share their Experiences: Documentation of the Transfer Processes Available

The Pilot Cities Share their Experiences: Documentation of the Transfer Processes Available

The latest DELGOSEA publication is out: a volume showcasing the pilot cities’ replication journey is now available. This completes the ‘DELGOSEA library’, a set of handbooks and guides offering assistance to all cities and towns interested in embarking on best practice replications.

The cities shared their experiences of the transfer process, describing the approach to implementation that each city took. Which challenges were encountered, how were problems solved? Each municipality analyses the success factors for their respective project, divulging tips on how to make best practice exchanges work. Invaluable insider information for any city considering taking up best practice replications themselves!

The documentation of the transfer process complements earlier publications: There is the ‘handbook on replication methodology’, which is offering a detailed step-by-step account of how to approach such replication and all the issues that need to be considered along the way. 

Also available is DELGOSEA’s first publication ‘Best Practices on Local Government’. This series of books, giving detailed information on all the best practice cities, formed the basis for the so called ‘transfer concepts’ of the pilot cities, i.e. the detailed plans of how to implement the selected projects.

In addition a wide selection of training and resource materials, leaflets and brochures ensures that every aspect of the replication process is documented with the aim of encouraging further best practice exchanges and making cities realize that they are not alone when embarking on such a journey. The DELGOSEA library hopes to inspire cities across Southeast Asia to continue learning from and cooperating with each other.

The documentation of the transfer process, as well as all the other publications, is available for download from the DELGOSEA website ( and in hard copy from DELGOSEA’s communication office:

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