Wakatobi in the Limelight

Wakatobi in the Limelight


As part of the international conference on South-to-South cooperation, that took place in Yogyakarta from 26 to 28 May 2013, Ir. Hugua, the Regent of Wakatobi, proudly presented the achievements that have turned the former DELGOSEA pilot city into an international best practice.

Co-organised by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) with input from UCLG ASPAC, the conference with the title ‘Exploring Avenues for Mutual Beneficial Cooperation’ focused on sharing best practices from participating countries. Apart from Indonesia, these included Bangladesh, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Fiji, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Nepal, Iran and Pakistan all of whom had sent high-ranking officials for an intensive and though-provoking exchange of views.

Issues discussed included ‘Basic concepts and approaches to South-to-South cooperation’ where the presentation of Wakatobi was one of several ones exploring the different ways countries dealt with international, and particularly, South-to-South cooperation. ‘Community participation in development’ was another topic that attracted a lot of attention and benefited from the presentations of senior officials from seven of the countries represented at the conference. The last session was given over to the slightly more specialised subject of ‘Emerging village-owned enterprise in improving community prosperity’ with several speakers showcasing examples from their countries.

The presence of international organisations such as Japan’s International Cooperation Agency (JICA), USAID and the UN at the conference was seen as very positive for the future of South-to-South cooperation; the issue is clearly attracting the attention of donors who could take home with them new ideas on how to improve prosperity and welfare on the communal level.

As a next step to move the exchange of best practices forward, CIRDAP and UCLG ASPAC have offered to assist the participating countries in mapping the potential for south-to-south cooperation as well as documenting the already existing best practices in Indonesia.

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