What’s Planned in Thailand – the Pilot Cities Share their Activities for 2013

What’s Planned in Thailand – the Pilot Cities Share their Activities for 2013


As part of a series, looking at the development of the different pilot cities after the end of the DELGOSEA project, we are asking this month: what are the four Thai pilot cities, Chiang Rai, Pakkret, Songkhla and Yala doing in 2013?

In Chiang Rai the local government network to improve waste management services is being maintained and the city is moving towards becoming a low-carbon city, i.e. even extending its original remit. Through this new project, Chiang Rai promotes a number of low carbon city strategies, such us aiming to become a city of trees, of waste minimization, of energy efficiency and a city of sustainable consumption.


Pakkret is also doing very well: the city is continuing not only with the restoration of the old market and the relocation of street vendors, which is virtually completed, but is also pursuing a detailed plan to develop basic infrastructure to turn the old market area into a tourist attraction. The research on further development and conservation of the old market for cultural tourism that had been started with Thammasat University is continuing strong. Pakkret is also very good on the PR side: both traditional media (TV, noticeboards) and new social media such as Facebook as well as various cultural community activities are used to publicise the old market and attract tourists. The city has also become a pilot city in its own right, recently hosting a delegation from Sri Lanka, interested in revitalising an old market area in one of the country’s cities.


Songkhla was hit by tragedy when the city’s mayor was killed. Since the project of developing e-services for the community was relying to a great extent on personal involvement of the mayor and other key people, there was a certain delay in carrying out activities. However, replication activities are continuing and the implementation plan is being followed, with an increasing number of administrative processes being put online. The development of a single window service system is progressing well with the database of possible services and documents expanding. There is also collaboration with the DLA and the Ministry of Public Health to extent the e-services into the area of public health services.


In Yala, where the pilot project focused on engaging the community in the development of a public water service system, the municipalities involved are continuing their water conservation work. Although there is a problem with finding funding to continue the activities on the same level, the city has been resourceful and volunteers were found to run the centre that deals with complaints by the public. There are also plans to reduce the workload of municipal officers who currently have to deal with cash payments by customers through the introduction of an electronic payment system, allowing for bills to be paid via bank transfers.

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