Activity 7: Drafting of Curricula, Teaching Guidelines and Textbooks

Status: Finalised; Month: August - October 2010 (originally scheduled for June/July; due to extension in activity 4)

Brief Description

Activity 7 was focused on the set up of training and resource material for the training of trainers of local government associations. The training material is concentrated on four aspects of local governance: people’s participation in planning and decision-making; institutional governance; urban environment; and fiscal management and investment promotion strategies. The activity has been implemented by a working group consisting of 4 thematic experts (one expert per thematic area) from Southeast-Asia, one expert for final quality control and review and one international expert for overall coordination and guidance.

 The working group met twice during the activity. The first introductory meeting was scheduled from 3-4 August 2010 in Manila. The aim of the meeting was to agree on an overall approach and content structure for the four thematic working areas. This was necessary to achieve consistency amongst the different papers and joint training curricula.

From August until beginning of September 2010 the working group worked on the first draft papers. The papers were shared with the LGAs and National Coordinators for further review and input.

A second meeting took place from 14-17 September in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the draft versions, and gain further input so that the different papers could be finalised.

During the period mid September until beginning of October the working group finalised the training materials. A final review was done by the contracted expert, the LGAs and DEGLOSEA staff. Furthermore, input from the participants during the ToT (see activity 8) have been integrated after the training.


The following outputs were achieved – in English version:

  • 1 training curricula covering a seven-day capacity building program for each of the four thematic areas;
  • 4 teaching guidelines for the coaches with case studies and methodology on how to deliver the training to the pilot places for each specific thematic area;
  • 1 textbook covering the four thematic areas to be used as resource tool for local key stakeholders in the replication process.

All documents are also available for download under "downloads".