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Back to the Roots - DELGOSEA Exchange Visits

Back to the Roots - DELGOSEA Exchange Visits

It all started with the selection of the ‘right’ best practice. The 16 DELGOSEA pilot cities in the five countries had to choose among several best practices. Their choice had to be in line with their local development plans. The process of replication continued with extensive documentation, trainings and the development of a tailor-made project idea. Support of the people and eventually the approval of the key decision-makers were pre-requisites for the framework of the project idea.

After digging through all the documents and doing extensive research the experts in the replicating city knew everything but were still short of one thing: firsthand experience. So the excitement and appreciation of the pilot city representatives were great when they finally got the chance to see the living implementation of the Best practice at their origin – far away from the Pilot city.

After all these months of project implementation, the first out of the 16 study tours took place between Vietnam and Indonesia. Delegates from Tra Vinh visited the best practice sights in Jogjkarta to increase their understanding of the project. The participants gained insights into the whole project cycle – from planning, into programming to implementation and evaluation. The DELGOSEA team was very delighted and thankful for the information shared and the willingness of high-ranking local officials to support their counter-part in the replication process.

As the evaluation afterwards seconded, the experiences gained during the study tour are one of the major capacity building activities of the DELGOSEA project. New insights and further understanding were gained during the three days on the spot. As an outcome, Tra Vinh will further define and extend its project idea. The exchange between the two cities will not come to an abrupt end – Tra Vinh stays connected to Jogjkarta in order to ask for further advise of challenges arise with the implementation of the best practice.

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