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Charting the Course to Success

Charting the Course to Success

DELGOSEA is nothing if not ambitious: twenty pilot cities spread over 5 countries, each following its own tailor-made path – how can one keep track of them all, how does one know they are all progressing along the lines agreed in the transfer concepts?

The DELGOSEA project management team came up with a simple, but ingenious   answer: keep a logbook! Starting in December 2010 when the pilot cities began their work in earnest, each coach responsible for accompanying a specific city through the process, kept a record of everything that has been happening in the city: the milestones reached, the events coming up, the deadlines met. However, DELGOSEA was determined that the logbook should not create even more work for the already very busy coaches, and it was decided to use a simple matrix format, allowing each city to list activities and outcomes.

Not only does such a logbook help to keep all the DELGOSEA teams across the region in the loop, it also increases transparency and accountability, with the logbooks published on the DELGOSEA website. It is an easy way for all the stakeholders to keep up with what is happening in each pilot city.

The content of the logbooks will form part of the published documentation of the transfer process, providing a useful timeline along which to chart the cities’ progress.