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Cross-Border Inspiration for Vietnamese Cities

Cross-Border Inspiration for Vietnamese Cities

Representatives of three Vietnamese cities, Tay Ninh, Hai Duong and Hue, spent productive days exploring Thai best practices to learn more about participatory local economic planning.

Organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s Vietnam office in cooperation with the Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN) and the National Municipal League of Thailand (NMT), the visit was arranged under a EU-cofunded project which focuses on strengthening local governance for local economic growth.

The 20 participants spent time in three Thai districts from 12 to 16 January 2015, starting off in Pakkret, not far from Bangkok, where a former DELGOSEA pilot city shared its experiences of revitalising an old riverside market and introducing a community recycling centre with the delegates. Pakkret is one of the big success stories within the DELGOSEA network and has become an inspiration for many other cities both within Thailand and in the region.

The second day of the tour was spent in Lamsai community in Bangkok which is a model community for a move towards local self-sufficiency. The visitors were particularly interested in seeing how facilities to attract eco-tourism were developed and how the whole community was functioning as a learning centre for low carbon development.

One of the highlights of the trip came towards the end: the floating market of Ladmayon community in the Talingchan district of Bangkok, which is a popular tourist attraction and was one of the first floating markets to be re-established in Bangkok more than 20 years ago. The delegation visited a training facility for gardeners (the area is still renowned for its orchards) and the management centre of the community market to learn how preserving traditional ways of life can also make economic sense. A boat trip along Lad Mayom Canal rounded off the tour and allowed the visitors to find out more about how to balance economic development with sustainability.

There was much food for thought (not to mention delicious Thai food) for the delegates who returned to Vietnam with many new ideas for their own local development plans.

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