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DELGOSEA Pilot Cities Share their Experiences

DELGOSEA Pilot Cities Share their Experiences


Four of the original DELGOSA pilot cities were invited by UCLG ASPAC, one of the co-organisers, to present their experiences at the 5th High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (5th HLS ESC).

The 5th HLS ESC, taking place in Surabaya on 28th February and 1st March 2014, provided a high-level forum to gather East and Southeast Asian stakeholders for networking, knowledge exchange and partnership-building on environmentally sustainable cities. In two thematic sessions, focusing on governance and partnership, the four cities - Kampot (Cambodia), Wakatobi (Indonesia), Chiang Rai and Pakkret (Thailand) – shared their experiences of what constitutes good local governance. The consensus was that public participation, cooperation between local governments and consistency between policy and action plans were key elements.

Particularly for environmental good governance, the element of learning from other local governments, as practiced by and through the DELGOSEA network, was highlighted as a secret of success – exemplified by the success of the Marikina Eco-savers throughout Southeast Asia. It was also noted that tackling environmental problems could help solve the social and economic challenges in a community.

The audience –more than 200 participants from all ASEAN countries as well as the ASEAN Secretariat – was impressed: it became clear that partnerships in the framework of the DELGOSEA network were an important contributing factor to success in promoting environmentally sustainable cities.

The 5th HLS ESC came on the heels of Surabaya’s first Green Expo on Technology and Innovation that was held from 25th to 27th February 2014. Organised in conjunction with the 5th Regional Asia-Pacific 3R Forum, the Expo was a milestone both for the city of Surabaya and UCLG ASPAC. More than 1000 visitors attended the three-day event that was highlighting green technology and innovation, aiming to support efforts for sustainable development and to raise public awareness on green living.

At a session which was co-organised by UCLG ASPAC, one of DELGOSEA’s main partners, Dr Bernadia Tjandradewi, the secretary general of UCLG ASPAC, introduced the DELGOSEA experience as an example of the importance of good local governance for a sustainable local environment. 

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