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In the spotlight: Association of City Governments of Indonesia

In the spotlight: Association of City Governments of Indonesia


In the latest article of our series, where we are looking more closely at key DELGOSEA members who are holding the network together and work behind the scenes in each country, the focus this month is on the Association of City Governments of Indonesia (APEKSI).

APEKSI, one of the original DELGOSEA partners and an active force in the network, is just one of four Indonesian local government associations (LGAs) that came into being after the decentralisation of government began in 1999. Each of them is focusing on a different aspect of local government, with APEKSI representing Indonesia’s cities. The LGA was the first one to be established in 2000 and currently has 98 members from all over the archipelago

APEKSI aims at assisting its members in implementing regional autonomy and is keen to create a climate of cooperation amongst regional administrations. The organisation sees it as its task to offer city capacity development programmes, advocacy, best practice transfer programmes and regional cooperation. This mission has made APEKSI a powerful force speaking on behalf of cities, and it has been influential in working with the government on issues of local governance, providing strategic input into policy-making processes.

The exchange of best practices amongst the membership is an important feature of APEKSI’s work and one that makes it a natural ally of DELGOSEA. For the last 10 years, annual compilations of best practices across Indonesia have been compiled and published; DELGOSEA is regularly promoting the ones that are relevant for the rest of the region.

APEKSI also currently provides the chairperson for the DELGOSEA Standing Committee with Sri Indah Wibi Nastiti being responsible for the activity planning on the regional level and for chairing the regular network meetings.

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