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In the spotlight: LOGODEF

In the spotlight: LOGODEF

In the third article of our series, where we are looking more closely at key DELGOSEA members who are holding the network together and work behind the scenes in each country, the focus this month is on the Filipino Local Government Development Foundation, LOGODEF.

LOGODEF has been part of the DELGOSEA family from the very start, being one of the initiators and original project partners when DELGSOEA was a EU-cofinanced project. As an organization whose primary objective is the promotion of local governance, LOGODEF has always been ideally suited to play a key role in DELGOSEA. 

The Foundation that was established in 1989 is active in capacity building, research and advocacy for local governance, working in close cooperation with the various local government stakeholders in the Philippines. Thematically, LOGODEF covers a wide range of issues that are relevant for the Philippines on the local level, such as participatory democratic practices at all levels of public life, integrating development goals into local governance, transparency and accountability as well as disaster risk management and renewable energy.

As the point person for the DELGOSEA network in the Philippines, the executive director Professor Edmund Tayao, is responsible for coordinating DELGOSEA activities in the country and for keeping other network partners, such as the League of Municipalities, the League of Cities and the League of Provinces, informed about developments. Together with the senior advisor and former executive director, Dr Gaudioso Sosmena, he also provides important strategic input into DELGOSEA advocacy and capacity building activities. 

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