| News | National Workshop in Thailand – Discussing Policies for Sustainability

National Workshop in Thailand – Discussing Policies for Sustainability

National Workshop in Thailand – Discussing Policies for Sustainability


As part of its remit to ensure that the experiences of DELGOSEA’s pilot cities feed into the policy development on national and regional level, the project team is encouraging and facilitating the partners from the five project countries to develop policy recommendation to improve national legislation and administrative procedures to favor good governance.

On 19 April 2012, the DELGOSEA team Thailand had organized a national workshop for nearly 50 participants from the four pilot cities (Chiang Rai, Pakkret, Songkhla and Yala) as well as the best practice cities, local government associations (LGAs), the EU, CSOs, media and academia. The purpose was to finalize policy recommendations and concrete steps for advocacy with support of strategic partners from civil society, academia as well as LGAs. The second part of the event focused on developing a strategy for sustainability of activities after the end of the project implementation time.

A number of recommendations for sustainability were developed during in-depth sessions, based very much on the experiences of the pilot cities whose representatives shared their views during the first half of the workshop. It was suggested, for example, that the Municipal League of Thailand (MLT) would take on the responsibility for maintaining and strengthening the five existing Regional Urban Learning Network Centers and to engage the trained coaches in various capacity building and development activities with the members and partners of MLT

Recommendations for academic institutions and civil society include conducting research studies in the areas of decentralization, local finance and environmental management as well as designing and carrying out capacity development activities for coaches and local government staff in each regional learning network. The media was asked to support decentralization concepts by communicating them to the general public and to publish the results of good practices, connecting them to policy changes.

All in all it was a very successful workshop, leaving the participants optimistic regarding the future of DELGOSEA in Thailand.