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Next DELGOSEA Meeting Coming up in Laos

Next DELGOSEA Meeting Coming up in Laos

The next DELGOSEA workshop, taking place in Vientiane on 22nd and 23rd July is promising to be a new experience: for the first time ever, the core members are meeting in Laos!

Getting together for the first time since the successful conference in Bangkok in February 2014, the delegates from six DELGOSEA members and guests from other ASEAN countries have much to discuss. Featuring prominently on the agenda is the establishment of the DELGOSEA network council, DELGOSEA’s decision-making body on the regional level. Elected by the representatives of the recently founded national steering councils, this network council will provide a platform for dialogue, exchange and learning amongst members and will be a crucial element for promoting good local governance in the ASEAN region.

This is not the only new development, however: As the current network coordinator, Dr Peter Koeppinger of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, is retiring, there is a vacancy at the top of the network and a new coordinator, who will be the chair of the network council, will be elected.  A deputy coordinator, secretary and treasurer will complete the new decision-making body of the network.

As always, the sharing of good practices will be an important element of the gathering with particular attention given this time to experiences of the host country, Laos. Progress updates on advocacy activities on both national and regional levels will round off the two-day event. The Standing Committee, the regional policy advocacy and policy coordinating body of the DELGOSEA network, will have its usual meeting before the start of the workshop and elect a new chair and co-chair.

There is excitement amongst the participants to be traveling to Laos and appreciation for the role that the Ministry of Home Affairs of Laos as co-organiser and the Learning House for Development, a representative of civil society in Laos and a recent DELGOSEA member, have played in making this meeting possible.

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