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Preparations for the DELGOSEA November Meeting in Full Swing

Preparations for the DELGOSEA November Meeting in Full Swing


In October, the DELGOSEA Standing Committee (DSC) had a series of preparatory meetings for the next workshop that is taking place in November in Jakarta and that will focus on DELGOSEA’s increasing cooperation with ASEAN.

On 16 October, a delegation of UCLG ASPAC, including Natalis Padang, the Secretary of the DSC met with the ASEAN Deputy Secretary General H.E. AKP Mochtan. This was an opportunity to brief ASEAN on DELGOSEA’s activities in the five ASEAN countries that are the current core members of the network – Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – and to discuss expansion plans and other current initiatives. The agenda of the meeting in November was at the centre of the conversation, and while the ASEAN Secretariat welcomed the initiative for cooperation with ASEAN, it encouraged DELGOSEA to continue with its effort to expand into the ASEAN member states that have not yet joined.

Also on 16 October a coordination meeting for the workshop took place, gathering Indonesian DELGOSEA partners from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the ASEAN Secretariat and the LGA APEKSI at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs.  Here, the discussion focused on the actual preparation for the November workshop as well as the possibility of cooperation with MoHA and ASEAN on good practice and expertise exchange among ASEAN countries. MoFA echoed the view of the ASEAN Secretariat, urging DELGOSEA to intensify its attempts to expand to the remaining ASEAN countries. But the conversation also turned to the question of how DELGOSEA and the UCLG ASPAC network could be of help to ASEAN in their community building efforts.

Preparations for the workshop are well under way, and every effort is made to ensure participation of representatives from Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore. In fact, the Learning House for Development, a civil society network from Laos, has already been accepted as DELGOSEA’s first member from Laos, leaving only four ASEAN countries not yet represented in the network.

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