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Reaching the End of the Monitoring Phase

Reaching the End of the Monitoring Phase

For the 16 pilot cities it must feel like the end of an era – after eight months of DELGOSEA coaches offering support, the project monitoring is coming to an end.

Between May and early July, the final monitoring visits have taken place in all five countries, with Cambodia the first country to produce a final monitoring report. The cities will of course continue to carry out their selected projects with the support of their national local government association (LGA), but they are now considered ready to stand on their own feet and progress without the close supervision provided by the DELGOSEA project teams and in particular the national coaches.

During these visits the cities were guided to look at the progress and success of their replication above all in terms of what had actually changed for the people on the ground. The task force was asked to provide data on how the original objectives and results, i.e. the project targets, were met and on the impact the project had on the way things were done in the city – had local government officials been offered skills training, have new structures and routines been created. Towards the end of the monitoring phase, the monitoring teams looked towards the future and, together with the cities, developed ideas for sustaining the project results and continuing the work. Timetables for activities after the end of the DELGOSEA projects were drawn up and the cities were helped to formulate their specific needs for help and assistance from their respective LGA.

The message is clear: the DELGOSEA project might be coming to an end, but the support network that has grown around the pilot cities is still there and will continue as active as ever.