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Short Memo - Cooperation in the Livable Chiang Rai

Short Memo - Cooperation in the Livable Chiang Rai


On November 29, the Chiang Rai municipality held its workshop on 'The Collaboration among Local Governments nearby Chiang Rai Municipality on Solid Waste Management at Source for 750th Chiang Rai City Anniversary'. The workshop was the official signing ceremony of the newly established partnership of 19 municipalities on solid waste management.

The aim of the workshop was to come to an understanding and co-operate with each other on the issue of solid waste management. Experts gave presentations on how solid waste can be managed on the local level and what best practices already exist. A brainstorming session was followed by the signing ceremony of the present representatives from the 19 neighboring local governments. They agreed to work together and co-operate closely from now on. The next step will be a workshop bringing together administration and experts from these to share best practices and get capacitated. The workshop will focus on solid waste management and inter local co-operation.

Chiang Rai has a very strong stand on environment projects. Representatives from the Thai municipality have been invited to Mexico city where Chiang Rai was awarded with the Urban Environment Award. Mexican representatives are expected to visit Chiang Rai in January and Thai-Mexican student exchanges will be discussed and finalized.