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Tra Vinh – First Steps for the Replication of E-Government Services

National Coordinator in Vietnam, Prof.Dr.Do Hau (standing), led discussion on the transfer concept development with Tra Vinh Working Group members

Viet Nam

DELGOSEA National Coordinator in Vietnam, Prof. Dr Do Hau, and two local governance coaches, Mrs Nguyen Thi Thanh Hang and Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Cuc, conducted a two days meeting from 9-10 March 2011 with Tra Vinh City’s representatives to discuss the transfer concept of selected Best Practice (BP) “E-Government as the Breakthrough to Enhance Government Performances and Services” from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

As first outcome, Tra Vinh’s representatives and the DELGOSEA team defined three results and indicators for the future realization of E-Government activities:

  • Leaders, managers and staff from local government departments are trained in E-government;
  • A city website providing useful information (which is being built based on the city E-communication portal under the provincial portal website at for citizens is maintained;
  •  A dynamic communication forum between the government and community is established.

Determined indicators including: 28 administrative services are tracked online; 15 forms of land services are available for download; online guidelines are increased from 11 to 15 documents.

During the discussions it became clear that community mobilization will be of high importance and one of the prerequisites for the successful realization of activities. Community mobilization shall be ensured basically by two elements:

  • Private companies’ contribution to encourage community’s participation;
  • Establishment of a dynamic communication forum on the government website to engage community’s feedback and participation.

The plans of Tra Vinh city to strengthen its E-Government activities are in line with its overall development strategies. Already in the administrative reform program for 2001-2010 the Vietnam Communist party defined the strategy for administrative reform. During the first years of implementation many remarkable results have been achieved contributing to economic development. However, more has to be done in the years to come. In its development strategy for 2010-2015 Tra Vinh put a focus on strengthening the capacities of administration staff, and applying advanced information technology in E-government. An investment plan has already been prepared accordingly. 

The final transfer concept will be made available on the project website soon. The document will be available in Vietnamese as well as in English language.