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Transfer Concept Development Workshop in Wakatobi

Local governance expert, Eri Trinurini Adhi (center) facilitated Best Practice transfer concept  discussion with Wakatobi Technical Working Group members


Local coach Mr Dendy A Borman and ADKASI’s representative Mr Awaluddin, with DELGOSEA local governance expert, Mrs Eri Trinurini Adhi conducted the first session on transfer concept development workshop with Wakatobi Technical Working Group on February 17-18, 2011. This session discussed key areas that pilot city wish to address through the replication of selected best practice and the planned next steps.

Seawater turbidity and waste management are two main concerns for Wakatobi today. With tourism and fishery as the backbone of its economy, the district strives to maintain low seawater turbidity and effective waste management on the shore as well as on the mainland. The working group members also strongly recognized the importance of environmental education at schools and advocacy to the community as part of the supporting activities. The experiences from Muangklang, Thailand, with its best practice on Low Carbon City, will be utilized as learning tool to formulate a tailor-made concept for Wakatobi leading to a concrete action plan.

The meeting resulted in an outline of first activity plan and to be further concretized in the transfer concept document during the follow-up workshops.