New Best Practices DELGOSEA II from 2013 onwards

The following good practices in local governance have been compiled as part of DELGOSEA II and are available for inspiration and for replication by other cities. 

1) In limelight: Metro City's Development Planning through Participatory Budgeting

2) The Provincial Floating Clinic: Delivering Healthcare Right at Your Doorsteps, Province of Sorsogon, Bicol, Philippines

3) Moving Surakarta (Solo) Towards Becoming a Child-friendly City

4) Turning Waste into Alternative Energy, Kendari, Indonesia

5) A Road Map to Integrity, South Cotabato, Philippines

6) Creative Industries for Economic Success, Cimahi, Indonesia 

7) A Local Health Response System in Yeang, Siem Reap, Cambodia

8) The Implementation of E-Procurement in Surabaya City, Indonesia

9) Treating Citizens as Customers in Nueva Vizcaya Province, Philippines

10) Improving Education in Batu City, Indonesia

11) Rescuing in Three Minutes: The Rescue Services of Cebu City, Philippines 

12) Public Participation in Tourism Planing and Development in Lang Son City, Vietnam

13) Traffic Congestion Reduction in Bekasi City, Indonesia

14)  Urban Ecosystems and Biodiversity Conservation towards a Sustainable City, Thailand

15) Waste Collection and Transportation Service of Padang City, Indonesia  

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