ADEKSI - Asosiasi DPRD Kota Seluruh Indonesia / Association of Indonesian Municipal Councils, Indonesia

Key Facts

Acronym: ADEKSI, Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Founded: 01/01/2001

Contact Person at LGA

Joko Sustanto
Tel.: +62.8111776033

Description of LGA

ADEKSI is an independent and autonomy-based organization with memberships of 93 municipal councils across Indonesia. It aims to implement good local governance which will better the quality of life for people in the region through improvement of local democracy.

ADEKSI Mission:

  • To become a professional, self-confident and united representation,
  • To support members in strengthening decentralization and local democracy

ADEKSI Vision:

To establish a professional municipal legislative assembly in the framework of strengthening good governance at the local level for the interest of the people

ADEKSI Activities:


  • An advocacy team was established to provide advice for local councils facing legal problems.
  • ADEKSI conducted policy analysis, discussions and hearings with the National Parliament on the adjustments of the regional autonomy law (no 22/1999).

Capacity Building

  • Facilitates workshops organization on various topics such as public policy management, budgeting, organizational development, information and communication,  and code of conduct
  • Provides professional consultancy to help members developing the local regulations drafts and implementing them with adequate public participation

Public Relations

  • Media relations including talk shows on TV and radio
  • Website and newsletter