APEKSI, Association of Indonesian Municipalities, Indonesia

Key Facts

Acronym: APEKSI, Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Founded: 05/25/2000
Website: http://www.apeksi.or.id/

Contact Person at LGA

Indah Wibinastiti
Tel.: +62.811928995
Email: indah@apeksi.or.id

Description of LGA

APEKSI is a forum consisting of 98 cities in urban area aiming at assisting its members in implementing regional autonomy and creating a climate conducive to the establishment of cooperation among regional administrations. In line with the spirit of decentralization and democracy, APEKSI has helped its members to achieve improved social welfare through democracy, people’s participation, justice and equal access for local diversity and potential.

APEKSI Vision:
Strategic organization to empower cities in implementing autonomy in Indonesia

APEKSI Mission:
To become a trusted, professional organization in the city-related sector and support best practices implementation by city governments through democratic development, transparent, responsible autonomy, as part of the community and within the governmental structure of Republic of Indonesia.  

APEKSI activities and services include:

  • Advocacy and regulation
  • Communication and information
  • City capacity development
  • Best practice transfer program
  • Regional cooperation
  • Partnership
  • Organization consolidation
  • Corporate partnership