APKASI - Association of Indonesian Regency Governments, Indonesia

Key Facts

Acronym: APKASI, Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Founded: 05/30/2000
Website: http://www.apkasi.or.id

Contact Person at LGA

Mukhlis Abidi
Tel.: +62.21.3867670
Fax: +62.21.3867671
Email: mukhlis_abidi@apkasi.or.id

Description of LGA

APKASI is the Association of 398 regency governments in Indonesia.
Established in May 2000 through the Ministry of Home Affairs’ decree, APKASI aims at:

  • Improving public services and social welfare between APKASI members and with provincial and municipal governments;
  • Enhancing the capacities of APKASI members in order to develop good governance;
  • Fostering relationship between APKASI and central government in line with good governance practices to fulfill regional autonomy within the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

APKASI Vision: 
To establish implementation of regional autonomy, reflecting diversity through synergic, harmonious, and mutually beneficial regional cooperation with the framework of Republic of Indonesia.

APKASI Mission:
1. To establish a harmonious, synergic, and mutually beneficial collaboration between APKASI members and with city councils, provincial and central government to improve public services and social welfare.

2. To create  proportional and balanced relations between APKASI members with city councils, provincial government and central government in accordance to government structure in the implementation of regional autonomy within the unity of Republic of Indonesia. 

3.  To improve APKASI’s members capacity in exercising good governance.