Key-Stakeholder - Introduction

To establish a regional network for the exchange of best practice models in local governance, it is obvious that the local government associations (LGAs) should be among the key stakeholders in the conceptualization and implementation of the project. LGAs, by their function, share experiences and provide expertise, training, and coaching to improve the capacity of member-local governments.

The 11 selected LGAs, representing all five countries, will closely consult with and guide the pilot local governments in the transfer and replication of best practices. Each of the 11 LGAs is setting up a special trainers’ pool for the four thematic themes of the project:

  1. Peoples' Participation in Planning and Decision Making;
  2. Institutional governance;
  3. Inclusive urban public services;
  4. Fiscal Management and Investment Planning.

The trainers will also be the ones to give the pilot local governments the capacity necessary for the implementation of the best practices, and to accompany and guide them in the replication process.

In the event that a best-practice example is successfully transferred to a pilot locality, the LGAs will also be in charge of disseminating the results to their entire membership.



  • NLC/S - National League of Communes/Sangkats of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia


  • ADEKSI - Association of Indonesian Municipal Council, Indonesia
  • ADKASI - Association of Indonesia Regency Legislative Councils, Indonesia
  • APEKSI - Association of Indonesian Municipalities, Indonesia
  • APKASI - Association of Indonesian Regency Governments, Indonesia


  • LCP - The League of Cities, Philippines
  • LMP - The League of Municipalities, Philippines
  • LPP - League of Provinces of the Philippines
  • ULAP - Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines


  • MLT - Municipal League of Thailand, Thailand


  • ACVN - Association of Cities in Vietnam, Vietnam