League of Provinces of the Philippines

Key Facts

Acronym: LPP, Philippines
Country: Philippines
Founded: 05/25/1988
Website: http://www.lpp.gov.ph

Contact Person at LGA

Alex Raoul Villano
Tel.: + 63.2.687-5399
Fax: + 63.2.687-4048
Email: jojovi919@yahoo.com

Description of LGA

The League of Provinces of the Philippines primarily aims to ventilate, articulate, and crystallize issues affecting provincial and metropolitan government administrations. It likewise serves to secure, through proper and legal means, solutions to problems confronting the locales.

The specific objectives of the League are:

  • To foster unity and cooperation among all provinces of the country;
  • To provide a cohesive force that embodies the sentiments and aspirations of member provinces;
  • To serve as a forum of discussion and feedback mechanism on policies affecting local governments;
  • To collaborate with national and other local government agencies in attaining efficient and effective inter-governmental relations to provide development programs that will enrich and upgrade the capabilities of local government units;
  • To engage in continuing programs for the development of local government units;
  • To involve League officers and members in international associations, conventions, seminars and congresses.

To strengthen the network of the League and its 79 member provinces, they are called upon to participate in joint activities, conferences, exchange visits, study tours, trades, festivals and sports programs that promote unity and the preservation of Philippine traditions and culture. The League also taps the private sector and partner agencies to come up with award schemes in recognition of deserving local officials and provincial governments that motivate the provinces to be more competitive.