Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines

Key Facts

Acronym: ULAP, Philippines
Country: Philippines
Founded: 2 February 1999

Contact Person at LGA

Patricio de Quiros
Tel.: + 63 2 534 6787 / + 63 2 534 6789
Fax: + 63 2 717 1810
Email: patdequiros08@yahoo.com

Description of LGA

The Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines is the umbrella organization of all local government leagues and its elected local officials. Its mission is to unite all the Member-Leagues and enhance its partnership with all stakeholders to ensure a genuine local and fiscal autonomy for all Local Government Units thereby ensuring their smooth and efficient delivery of basic services to the people. The ULAP envisions a just, equitable and progressive society anchored on participatory democracy and pro-poor framework of effective and good governance vital to national development and progress.

To unite its member leagues and local governments, it undertakes regular forums, dialogues, consultations, seminars and team-building workshop. It conducts trainings and briefings for newly-elected officials, and capacity-building activities for member-leagues' secretariats and local officials. Furthermore, ULAP has a national representation to ensure that the official stand of the Leagues and the Local Government Units on vital national and local policies and issues are duly considered and adopted by the concerned national government agency or Congress.

ULAP has 11 member leagues which are leagues of local government units and leagues or federation of local elective officials. Member local elective officials are composed of: 80 Governors; 80 Vice-governors; 120 City Mayors; 1,498 Municipal Mayors; 1,631 Vice Mayors; 16,718 Councilors; 850 Board Members; 41,995 Baranggays (Villages); and 335,960 Sangguaniang Kabataan.