A Charter for the DELGOSEA Network

A Charter for the DELGOSEA Network

The latest meeting of the DELGOSEA Standing Committee (SC) on 24 August 2015 in Manila focused on organisational matters: changes to the network’s structure, a new monitoring and evaluation scheme, plans for 2016 and – most importantly – a DELGOSEA Charter.

It was a fast-paced and dynamic SC meeting with participants from LGAs, municipalities and CSOs from six ASEAN countries eager to discuss a wide range of agenda points designed to help the network focus on the challenges ahead, both in terms of the network’s internal governance and activity planning and monitoring for the years ahead.

The proposed changes to the governing structure of the network present a simplification to the existing rather complex set-up, uniting the function of the Standing Committee with the Network Council and creating a General Assembly, representing all members of DELGOSEA. The National Steering Councils will continue to operate in each country and will elect representatives to the General Assembly. The Standing Committee will be transformed into a liaison body between the General Assembly/Network Council and UCLG ASPAC, elected only by LGAs/LGUs.

In line with the new structure, it was time to give DELGOSEA a written charter to help in formalising the network and define what membership means. This charter describes the structure and the bodies of the network and outlines DELGOSEA membership, criteria and application procedures, as well as the activities and objectives of the network. DELGOSEA membership shall be exclusively for Local Government Associations (LGAs), Local and Regional Authorities, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and their respective networks active in the area of local governance, institutions from the academe and the media from ASEAN member states.

However, to ensure that the network retains its open and inclusive character, every person or organisation can become a “Friend of DELGOSEA”. The “Friends of DELGOSEA” are entitled to receive all DELGOSEA publications and to participate in any discourse regarding the thematic fields of interaction.

In addition to discussing this new charter and structure, the SC members also turned their attention to plans for the next year. A new workplan format was introduced which will also allow for easier monitoring of the network’s activities, and each country was encouraged to present suggestions for activities in 2016 at the planning meeting that is coming up in early September in Makassar, Indonesia. 

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