ACVN’s Roadmap for the Role of Local Governments in the New AEC

ACVN’s Roadmap for the Role of Local Governments in the New AEC

Viet Nam

ASEAN’s ambitious plan to create an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is becoming a reality in 2015 – and ACVN, Vietnam’s local government association (LGA), is well prepared for it.

For the further integration of ASEAN and the functioning of the upcoming AEC, it is vital to not only have structures in place on the central level, but also to prepare local governments for the new reality. Limited resources and limited financial decision-making powers means that many local governments, especially at district level, are not yet well prepared for the introduction of the AEC next year. Formulating a local governance roadmap for integration, which identifies steps to follow and helps mobilise resources, is therefore imperative.

As the only association for governments of cities and towns in Vietnam, ACVN plays a vital role in the preparations of and for local governments in the country. Through networking activities and information sharing, capacity building and training courses, ACVN reaches nearly all of Vietnam’s cities and towns. Representing 104 out of 116 cities and towns, ACVN has identified the four elements that should form part of the roadmap for local governance: Promoting policy advocacy, presenting policy recommendations to the national level, communicating the coming AEC through ACVN activities and – perhaps most importantly – continuing with current efforts through existing project.

The activities, especially the advocacy work, already began in 2014, and the schedule will intensify in early 2015 when ACVN will also focus on communication and dissemination activities during ACVN meetings and a special workshop for member cities. There are also a number of capacity building workshops on local economic development (LED) for local government representatives planned, some of them in cooperation with DELGOSEA and UCLG ASPAC. The advocacy work includes research on “Economic Impact of MPED Model of Land Information Management for City Governments” and an LED policy paper as well as policy dialogues on issues relevant for city governments, such as on urban housing for the poor.

The opportunities that the AEC presents are exciting, of course, but the challenge will be to ensure that all local governments are well prepared for it. The solid programme put forward by ACVN should help Vietnamese cities and towns to look ahead with confidence.

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