Best Practices Local Governance National Workshop Launches in Cambodia

Best Practices Local Governance National Workshop Launches in Cambodia


DELGOSEA Team in Cambodia, in close collaboration with the National League of Commune/Sangkats (NLC/S), organizes a one-day workshop in Phnom Penh on April 26, 2011 with up to 40 local government stakeholders of Kampot and Choam Chao, officials of the Ministry of Interior, staff and advisors at the Secretariat of the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDDS), lecturers and students of various academic institutions and other concerned NGO/IOs as well as development partners to discuss and finalize DELGOSEA best practices‟ transfer concept development.

This one-day workshop is intended to be a forum of sharing between pilot cities‟, local and national government officials, civil society, local coaches and DELGOSEA Team on highlights and challenges in the transfer concept development. "The NLC/S is proud to facilitate such an important forum of sharing lesson-learned on local governance best practices with DELGOSEA. We believe our replication efforts would be solidified through involvement of national stakeholders, civil society representatives, strengthening the commitment to bring about improvement for the people," said Mr. Soy Kosal, NLC/S Chairperson and DELGOSEA‟s Cambodia local government association partner on the sustainable future of forthcoming local governance best practices„ replication activities with pilot cities.

The two pilot cities in Cambodia have selected the following best practices for replication:

  • Kampot: Marikina Eco-Savers Project, Marikina, Philippines;  Low Carbon City (Muangklang, Thailand); and Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment (Udonthani, Thailand).
  • Choam Chao Sangkat: Humane Relocation and Empowerment of Street Vendors (Solo, Indonesia);  Low Carbon City (Muangklang, Thailand); and Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment (Udonthani, Thailand).

Both Choam Chao and Kampot, with facilitation of DELGOSEA local coaches and team, had drafted the transfer concept document in prior workshops on February and March 2011.

These transfer concepts will further assist each pilot city to better target replication activities in alleviating or improving current condition with waste to better, more sustainable solutions.  Choam Chao will address environmentally-friendly solid waste collection, waste water treatment and street vendor management. Meanwhile Kampot will formulate its-own waste management with the aim of improving community’s behaviour in waste’ collection and segregation; people’s access to safe drinking water, hygienic toilets; and capacitated officials in urban-environment management and the importance of environmentally-friendly public space. Min Muny and the following coaches will facilitate best practice transfer concept discussion in respective pilot cities:

  • Prak Munny,
  • Min Sophanith,
  • Chhim Sopheark.

Besides the collaboration through two pilot municipalities, another two local governments in Cambodia, Toul Sangker Sangkat and Battambang Municipality, had their local governance experiences and practices documented and selected as part of DELGOSEA’s 16 local governance best practices. These two municipalities and their best practices are:

  • Toul Sangker Sangkat: People-Private-Public Partnership (PPPP) to Improve Local Infrastructure;
  • Battambang: Strengthening of Local Self-Administration: Revenues and Budget, Transparency, and People’s Participation. 

More information on the result of the workshop will be circulated on our website

For further documents and presentations of the Workshop, see here.