Best Practices on the DELGOSEA website

Best Practices on the DELGOSEA website

Interested in finding out what other cities throughout the ASEAN region are doing well? Information on best practices in local governance is regularly put up on the DELGOSEA website:

Most of the examples are from Indonesia and the Philippines, both countries with a long history of compiling best practices for replication on a national level. Thanks to DELGOSEA, these ingenious ideas from one country are now being shared throughout the region.

Topics covered include an encouraging tale from Surabaya in Indonesia of how the introduction of e-procurement made the process of awarding public contracts for goods and services more transparent and fairer which in turn helped the local government to fight corruption. A province in Northern Luzon, Philippines, shocked by the level of dissatisfaction with hospitals and medical services, introduced the concept of treating patients as customers with amazing results. Lang Son in Northern Vietnam involved the community in developing the city into an important touristic centre while Batu in Indonesia reformed its education system to great effect.

Details of these and other good ideas of local governments, including an overview of activities and suggestions for sustainability and transferability as well as contact information, are part of the summary for each city – available for download under: