Choam Chao’ Sangkat Prepares Groundwork for Transfer Concept Development

Choam Chao’ Sangkat Prepares Groundwork for Transfer Concept Development


DELGOSEA Team in Cambodia together with local coaches; Prak Munny, Min Sopanith and Chhim Sopheark facilitated a three-day workshop with representatives from pilot area Choam Chao, a Sangkat or urban commune on 24-26 February 2011. The workshop led to an effective result where all concerned stakeholders in Choam Chao analyzed its existing condition and used the findings as the basis to establish project activities logical framework and elaborate next steps for the development of a transfer concept to improve the situation of street vendors as well as waste collection and waste water treatment in Choam Chao.

The Mayor of Kampot (another DELGOSEA’s pilot city in Cambodia), Mr Neak Sovannary, joined the workshop and shared his experiences from a similar workshop hold in Kampot earlier this year.  The workshop was attended by ten participants from Choam Chao’s respective institutes, consisting of Sangkat Chief, Vice Chief, villages’ leader and their staff.  Additional participants in the workshop were from the local government association–The National League of Commune/Sangkat (NLC/S) and DELGOSEA Coordination Office in Cambodia.

At the workshop, the coaches facilitated the discussion of three selected Best Practices (BP) for Chom Chao’s replication:–(1) Humane Relocation and Empowerment of Street Vendors from Solo, Indonesia, which is focused on the effective management of street vendors for better economic and social relations; (2) Low Carbon City (Muangklang, Thailand) and (3) Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment (Udonthani, Thailand) to improve  environmentally-friendly solid waste collection and waste water treatment efforts.

The workshop started with three presentations of the selected Best Practices followed by discussions on relevant issues explored by the coaches from the DELGOSEA’s capacity building workshop in Pattaya, Thailand, November 2010.  With the aim of replicating these BPs- its innovative approaches and sustainable efforts with pilot cities, the workshop’s participants reflected their existing situation using objective tree and stakeholder analysis tools.

The discussion resulted in the development of logical framework and concerned stakeholder’s matrixes. Based on these matrixes, Choam Chao has further assigned staff to work with two DELGOSEA coaches in developing transfer concept paper throughout March 2011.  As soon as the document is ready, Choam Chao plans to move forward with dissemination of transfer concept to wider government stakeholders, and to generate commitment and funding for the replication at the planned national workshop by end of April 2011.

Following up the workshop’s outputs, Choam Chao and Kampot are also in preparation for the planned exchange visit to Muangklang in April 2011 and to Solo, Indonesia, and Marikina, Philippines (Kampot selects Marikina Eco Saver BP from the Philippines for replication) later this year.