Core Members Meeting – Planning Ahead

Core Members Meeting – Planning Ahead

The DELGOSEA conference that took place in Bangkok in January 2014, proved a good opportunity for the core network members – representatives of LGAs and civil society networks in six ASEAN countries – to sit together and fine-tune the work programme for 2014 and beyond.

The members of the Standing Committee – DELGOSEA’s representative governing body – agreed on their objective: To foster policy debates and advocacy at the national and regional level on good (local) governance through cooperation with ASEAN. This objective will be reached through concerted policy dialogues and advocacy campaigns both on the national level and on the regional, i.e. ASEAN level.

Some capacity building will be necessary to enable LGAs and CSO networks to conduct successful advocacy, and training is planned on local economic development in promoting good local governance. To bring DELGOSEA and its ideas across more effectively, it is planned to recruit ‘champions’ as spokespersons for DELGOSEA towards the ASEAN secretariat.

Of course, successful lobbying on the regional level needs grounding in each country, so the updating of the national policy documents and initiating policy dialogues with the respective ministries and departments forms part of the work programme for the LGAs. Increased engagement with media representatives will also help to spread the DELGOSEA vision.

Last, but not least, the Standing Committee intends to increase the membership of DELGOSEA to representatives of the remaining ASEAN countries. A start was made at the conference, were observers from Brunei and Myanmar attended and an academic from the National University of Singapore shared his observations of the particular issues for local governance in cities with the audience.

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