DELGOSEA Network is Planning for 2016

DELGOSEA Network is  Planning for 2016

The DELGOSEA Network Council and the six National Steering Councils have developed their workplans for 2016, focusing on the expansion of the network to the remaining ASEAN countries and an increase of membership in the original member countries.

Building on the national workplans that had been discussed in September, the consolidated regional workplan for the network in 2016 was presented during the last DELGOSEA workshop that took place in early December 2015 in Hanoi.   

This workplan concentrates on five areas: increasing membership in the existing network countries, expanding the DELGOSEA network to other ASEAN countries, gathering more good practices from each member country, promoting the ASEAN Community roadmap to local people and, most ambitiously, working towards gaining accreditation to ASEAN. 

Each National Steering Council has committed itself to reaching a clearly defined number of results, such as forging relationships with local governments or CSOs in other ASEAN countries, with both Laos and the Philippines aiming to make contact with CSOs in Myanmar. All countries are keen to introduce new members from their country to the network, for example through ‘recruitment meetings’ for interested organisations.

The identification and exchange of best practices will be another important activity for all member countries in 2016 with all steering councils confident that they can contribute an average of five new success stories from their country that can be replicated in another ASEAN country. DELGOSEA members are also keen to promote the concept of the ASEAN community within their countries; information meetings, inclusion of AEC information in newsletters and leaflets as well as awareness-raising events are planned to address the information deficit that has been identified in local governments across the region.

As a final target, DELGOSEA has set its sight on gaining accreditation to ASEAN, representing local governments across the region and thereby intensifying its advocacy activities: most countries intend to move towards that goal by discussing the issue with the minister responsible for ASEAN integration in their own country, with UCLG ASPAC keeping up the contact with the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta.

Regular reports will be sent to the Network Council so that progress can be tracked in each country.