DELGOSEA Presents Publications to ‘University Belt’ in Manila

DELGOSEA Presents Publications to ‘University Belt’ in Manila


On January 17, DELGOSEA was able to make another step towards a closer cooperation with academia in Southeast Asia. A DELGOSEA book presentation was hosted in San Sebastian-Recoletos College, Manila, organized by Prof. Alfred Sureta, one of the DELGOSEA experts who provided valuable contributions to the DELGOSEA publications. The college is situated in the heart of Manila, surrounded by various other universities and educational institutions – the university belt.

Thanks to Prof. Sureta’s extensive connections with other universities, it was possible to involve four different universities in this event. The College of San Sebastian was represented by the Vice President for Academic Affairs Fr. Leander Barrot OAR and the Dean for Political Science Dr. Winston Sirug as well as student representatives. The University of the East (UE), the Far Eastern University (FEU) and the University of Santo Tomas were all presented by young student leaders from the areas of Political Science and International Relations.

Father Leander shared with the students why it was important to gain empirical insights through projects such as DELGOSEA. He was saying that while theories provided a solid basis for further research and work, only the on-the-ground experience of projects will enable the students to get a holistic picture for their future careers and paths in life.

DELGOSEA was represented by its Project Manager Ms. Susanne Stephan, National Coordinator Dr. Antonio Avila and National Assistant Sheryl Bayan as well as by Communication Officer Mr. Sven Herpig. The team gave an overview over the project as well as the DELGOSEA network and took questions from the interested student assembly. Encouraging the students to conduct research based on the DELGOSEA materials, the team was offering their full support in finding the right contacts and answering further inquiries from the students in the future.

On behalf of DELGOSEA, Susanne Stephan handed the publication over to the students from the different universities. All four universities’ libraries will from now on be equipped with hands-on literature about democratic local governance in Southeast Asia.

DELGOSEA would like to express our deepest appreciation to Professor Alfred Sureta and the College of San Sebastian for hosting this remarkable event. Furthermore, we wish all the students conducting research on DELGOSEA good luck for their endeavors!

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