DELGOSEA Resources on Waste Management

DELGOSEA Resources on Waste Management

In preparation for the DELGOSEA workshop on waste management planned for April 2016, here is an overview of all the resources and information related to the issue of waste management that are available on the DELGOSEA website.

First of all, three of the original best practices under the thematic area of  ‘Inclusive Urban Public Services’ feature innovative approaches to waste management as part of the design. These range from constructing wetland for municipal waste water treatment and working towards becoming a low-carbon city in Thailand, to perhaps the most successful and inspiring of DELGOSEA’s good practices, the ‘Eco-Savers’, encouraging children to collect recyclable waste, from the Philippines.

These best practices were replicated by a total of six pilot cities: Kampot in Cambodia,  Kupang, Tarakan and Wakatobi  in Indonesia, One Pangasinan Alliance of Local Government Units (LGUs) in the Philippines and Vinh City in Vietnam. Detailed documentations of the process of replicating these best practices are available on the website:

In addition, there are summaries of good practices compiled by national local government associations or awarding agencies, some of them focusing on waste management, such as Kendari, Indonesia, where waste was turned into alternative energy. Another example from Indonesia focuses on waste collection and transportation in the city of Padang, whereas from Thailand comes a good practice from Chiang Rai, a city attempting to become sustainable and reduce its carbon impact.

Numerous articles as well as Facebook postings have over the years traced the progress of these and other cities and looked at developments in the area of waste management – for more information, please use the search engine on the DELGOSEA website or take a look at our Facebook page