DELGOSEA at Singapore's Policy Innovation Festival

DELGOSEA at Singapore's Policy Innovation Festival

DELGOSEA's best practices and pilot cities dominated the discussion at this year's Policy Innovation Festival that took part at Singapore's Lee Kuan School of Public Policy from 5 to 8 August 2014.

Marikina's Eco-savers, Solo's revitalisation of a historic market area, as well as the Kartamantul cooperation of Indonesian municipalities are familiar names to followers of DELGOSEA documented best practices and all three cities were presenting their original idea and any recent developments. It was a happy reunion with some of the pilot cities that were inspired by these examples and successfully replicated them, Kampot from Cambodia and Chiang Rai from Thailand.

But there were many other interesting best practices and innovative ideas to be shared: The opening debate focused on the question of how we can foster creativity and inclusion in emerging cities which led to an animated debate on how people participation in the design of public spaces can be ensured. Who decides what is needed for an area and the people living there, what makes a successful project and who is the judge of that?

The best practices presented in the four sessions that followed focused on four distinct, but also interrelated aspects: 'E-government & participatory innovations', 'Innovations for Sustainability and the Revitalisation of Public Spaces', 'Innovations for Enhancing Efficiency and Public Services' and finally 'Promising Pilots and Innovations in Learning'. Examples from all over East and Southeast Asian, ranging from China to Indonesia via Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines, gave the audience an impressive overview of recent innovative initiatives on the local level.

Needless to say, the host country Singapore is itself an impressive example for urban development, and the roundtable on 'Lesson from the Singapore Story' proved illuminating and drew many questions from participants. One of the highlights for the speakers from Asia was the fieldtrip to the Singaporean Land Development Authority, the brain behind the city's urban planning success where some of Singapore’s secrets of success were shared.

The final session on 'An Exchange of Ideas and Lessons Learnt' brought together networks and awarding agencies and gave DELGOSEA's communication manager the chance to introduce the network to a wide audience.