DELGOSEA’s Key Experts in the Spotlight

DELGOSEA’s Key Experts in the Spotlight

While both the best practice models and the pilot cities have received their fair share of publicity, less public attention has so far been paid to the people working in the background to help the cities make a success of the DELGOSEA project. These include four key experts from different countries whose expertise is vital in enabling the pilot cities to carry out the replication process in the four thematic areas – high time to introduce them properly!

Dr Gaudioso C. Sosmeña, Jr. is DELGOSEA’s key expert in the area of institutional governance and people’s participation, a role for which his background in local governance has prepared him well. His association with the project stretches far back: he was a member of the international committee brought together to draft the DELGOSEA project application in a series of consultative meetings in 2009. Dr Sosmeña is the founder and former executive director of the Philippine local government association LOGODEF, an important project partner, where he continues to be active on the board level. Dr Sosmeña is the most reputable Philippine expert on local governance issues in the country. As part of his long and distinguished career he has published a variety of books on local governance issues.

Peter Woods brings a wide-ranging expertise on all issues of local governance – both theoretical and practical – to the DELGOSEA project. After a distinguished career in Australian local government, having been a mayor and councilor for twenty-six years, he has held several positions in local government associations and unions, currently serving as ambassador for United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC). His breadth and depth of experience make him a versatile and valuable advisor to all aspects of the project.

Dr Paul Vorratchaiphan Chamnier, the senior director of the Thailand Environment Institute’s (TEI) Grassroots Action Program (GAP), brings more than 25 years of experience in social planning, research, teaching and consulting to the DELGOSEA project. Under his 17-year long leadership, GAP has grown and diversified to now include both urban and rural project activities, amongst them local development plans, strategy management on natural resources and environment, local governance and climate change adaption strategies. Within DELGOSEA Dr Chamnier is taking a keen interest in all aspects of urban environment and urban development policies. He is the DELGOSEA expert for the thematic area Urban Environment. Apart from this particular expertise, he is involved in supporting the Thai country coordinator and coaches to design strategies, structures and processes.

Dr Rudolf Hauter, who is based in Indonesia, is DELGOSEA's key adviser on the Indonesian front, helping the local coordinator to keep the team connected with both the pilot cities and the best practice models. His extensive experience both in rural development and local government, gained through many years of implementing development projects on the ground, often for the German agency for international cooperation (GIZ), provides the perfect background for guiding local actors through the transfer process. Dr Hauter's role within DELGOSEA is the connection of the different stakeholders within DELGOSEA in the framework of sustainability and policy-making both, on national and regional level. Dr Hauter is currently leading the United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC) as Secretary General.