DELGOSEAs Plans for 2015

DELGOSEAs Plans for 2015

During a meeting of the Standing Committee (SC) on 30 April 2015 in Manila, the network discussed the activities for 2015 – events, policy papers and advocacy actions.

The national coordinators from the six member countries as well as the secretary of the Standing Committee reported on the networks activities in 2014 and made plans for the future. Coming straight after a PLATFORMA capacity building workshop for local governments in Asia, the turnout was great with many observers curious to find out more about DELGOSEA’s activities.

It was encouraging to hear that last year had seen the publication of three national policy papers, by Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia, giving an assessment of national policy on democratic local governance. Two further papers, from Vietnam and the Philippines, are being drafted as well. These papers will form the basis of further advocacy actions for an extension of local governance in the countries and a regional policy paper for use on the ASEAN level will also be developed.

DELGOSEA members had been present in 2014 at many events in the region, showcasing their best practices and inspiring cities from other countries to follow their example. There had been interest from South Asia to form a similar network, and last September the secretary of the Standing Committee had shared information with the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) during a conference in Sri Lanka.

For 2015, the network set itself some ambitious goals: One focus will be the expansion to more ASEAN countries, with interest from Malaysia and Myanmar already registered. Observers from both countries were present at the SC meeting, sharing information on the state of local government in their countries.  Entry points for Singapore and Brunei will be discussed at the next meeting.

DELGOSEA also has a full events schedule, especially for the second half of the year, starting with a meeting focusing on best practice exchange in the Philippines in August and participation in the 2nd ASEAN Mayors Forum in September. Towards the end of the year, the network members will get together again in Vietnam, focusing on the progress of the ASEAN Economic Community and on local economic development.

Of course, new best practices will be continue to be made available for replication on DELGOSEA’s website: