In the spotlight: Cambodian Civil Society Partnership

In the spotlight: Cambodian Civil Society Partnership


In the latest article of our series, where we are looking more closely at key DELGOSEA members who are holding the network together and work behind the scenes in each country, the focus this month is on the Cambodian Civil Society Partnership (CCSP).

While traditionally DELGOSEA has been driven by local government associations and their members as well as individual cities and municipalities, CSOs are playing an increasingly important role in the network. In particular CCSP, a Cambodian NGO with more than 13 years of experience in promoting and enabling good governance at a sub-national level, is an active member keen to learn from and contribute to the exchange of best practices on the local level across ASEAN.

CCSP works with partners from government, civil society and the NGO community to raise awareness about decentralisation and deconcentration (D&D) reforms in Cambodia. Of particular relevance for DELGOSEA is the fact that CCSP also hosts the secretariat of the Working Group for Partnerships in Decentralisation (WGPD), an organisation that aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society to promote transparent and accountable public services and to increase citizen participation in democratic development by fostering partnerships between government and civil society.

WGPD works with a wide range of national and international stakeholders, aiming to bring the voice of civil society to discussions about decentralisation and advocating partnerships between municipalities and CSOs on the local level. The working group encourages the sharing of best practices, not just within Cambodia, but also through the DELGOSEA network with other Southeast Asian countries.

The Executive Director of CCSP, Sokhany Prak, who is at the same time a board member of WGPD, is also personally engaged in DELGOSEA, as the Deputy Coordinator of the network.

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