Local Governance Best Practices National Workshop Launches in Vietnam

Local Governance Best Practices National Workshop Launches in Vietnam

Viet Nam

DELGOSEA Team in Vietnam, in close collaboration with the Association of Cities in Vietnam (ACVN), organizes a one-day workshop in Hanoi on April 15, 2011 with up to 16 local government stakeholders from participating pilot cities: Danang, Vinh, and Tra Vinh to discuss and finalize DELGOSEA best practices’ (BP) transfer concept development. Lang Son – one of the host cities in Vietnam whose best practice on administrative reforms was selected by DELGOSEA, will also be taking part in the workshop.

This one-day workshop is intended to be a forum of sharing between pilot cities’, local and national government officials, civil society, local coaches and DELGOSEA Team on highlights and challenges in the transfer concept development. The pilot cities’ government had earlier set up a working group to conceptualize in detail on the steps and supports required to facilitate BP replications.

Among the invited participants are: EU representatives from EC Delegation to Vietnam and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung office in Vietnam; Four representatives from functional departments of Central Ministries of Construction and Home Affairs; national institutions/academics including the University of Construction, University of Architectural University, National Academy of Public Administration, Institute of Development Strategy. Prof. Dr Nguyen Lan, ACVN Secretary General, and Dr Peter Köppinger, DELGOSEA Project Director, will officially welcome the participants and open the workshop.

“This workshop would be beneficial not only to one pilot city but to all of them. The sharing part is essential in BP transfer concept development, as each city may have encountered different situations and come out with different solutions. Besides, the ownership on these best practice replications should be with all of us, both government stakeholders and their community,” explained Prof Do Hau, DELGOSEA National Coordinator for Vietnam on the national workshop. Prof Do Hau will facilitate the discussions in the workshop, along with presentations of selected BP and their challenges in each pilot city by respective local coaches:

- Prof Dr Nguyen Ngoc Dung and Dr Nguyen Lam Quang for Vinh City;
-  Mr Truong Hao for Danang City;
-  Mrs Nguyen Thi Thanh Hang and Mrs Nguyen Thi Tu Cuc for Tra Vinh City. 

The three pilot cities in Vietnam have selected the following best practices for replication:

-  Vinh City: Marikina Eco Savers Project from Marikina, Philippines;
-  Danang City: Preserving Old Town Architecture and Reviving Traditions as Tourist Attraction and Economic Driver  from Phuket, Thailand;
-  Tra Vinh City: E-Government as the Breakthrough to Enhance Government Performance and Services from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

For further documents and presentations of the Workshop, see here.