Midterm Evaluation: Is DELGOSEA on the Right Track?

Midterm Evaluation: Is DELGOSEA on the Right Track?

You only know if you are progressing the way you should when you take the time to stand back and have a close look at what has happened so far in a project.

This is the job of an evaluator, and DELGOSEA was fortunate to be able to draw on an expert in the field, Dr Marion Fischer, who examined all aspects of the EU-project’s implementation. She was looking critically at the first experiences the 16 pilot cities made with the adapted best practice models, focusing on their achievements and the remaining challenges.

As part of the evaluation, Dr Fischer conducted written interviews with all the national coordinators about the development of replication concepts in the pilot cities in May. The feedback from these interviews gave her a good basis from which to decide which cities to visit during her monitoring trips in July and September.

Dr Fischer’s monitoring mission began in Vietnam when she visited Tra Vinh City. After a preparatory meeting in Hanoi, where the terms of references for the monitoring trips were agreed with the project staff of DELGOSEA Vietnam, the site visit took place on 21 - 22 July. Accompanied by colleagues from the coordination team, Dr Fischer had talks both with representatives of the Tra Vinh Province People’s Committee and members of the departments who are responsible for the project implementation, i.e. the introduction of e-government.

Next, Marion Fischer’s journey took her to Thailand where she visited four DELGOSEA pilot cities, staying from 25 – 28 July. She managed to travel to Songhkla, Yala, Pakkret and Chiang Rai for tours and interviews, accompanied by members of the project team. This was a learning process for both sides: not only gained Dr Fischer insights into the action plans of the pilot cities, she was also able to offer helpful comments and suggestions.

Finally, from 6 – 9 September, Dr Fischer worked with the national coordinator and one of the coaches in Indonesia, also taking trips to the pilot cities of Wakatobi and Pangkalpinang. Her journey across the region will culminate in the DELGOSEA midterm conference, taking place from 26 – 28 September on Batam, Indonesia, where she will reveal the results of her work.