Promoting the Eco-Savers in Tarakan

Promoting the Eco-Savers in Tarakan


Tarakan on the Indonesian island of Borneo has found a helping hand to promote the Eco-savers programme that is being implemented in schools around the city – a cute little TALING figure.

In their attempts to engage even more school children as well as the wider community, the Tarakan city government developed a ‘waste bank doll’, representing the ‘TALING’, the invented currency in which children that are handing in waste for recycling are paid. Those children that gain the most points for their recycling efforts will be rewarded with the mascot as an appreciation of their efforts.

The Tarakan government in cooperation with schools in the city has introduced the TALING scheme – which is based on the Eco-savers from Marinika in the Philippines – in 2011. Pupils are encouraged to bring in waste for recycling once a week. The waste is weighed and processed by local junk shops and the children receive awards according to their efforts. These include books, school stationery and money for their saving account. The TALING doll is a fun way to draw more attention to the project and inspire more people to join.

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