Publicising ASEAN through the DELGOSEA Network

Publicising ASEAN through the DELGOSEA Network

For DELGOSEA, cooperating with ASEAN is not a one-way street: the network is looking at ways to help the regional body to become better known and understood by people in the region – creating community awareness of ASEAN and its activities.

A recent survey carried out by ASEAN showed some alarming results: 76% of the public lacks even a basic understanding of the ASEAN Community, with 51% only being aware of the name, but not the organization behind it and 25% not even showing name recognition. Amongst business leaders only 15% had a good understanding of ASEAN.

CSOs were more aware of ASEAN’s activities, perhaps because they are more involved in lobbying efforts and more efforts is made by ASEAN to reach these organisations.

The ‘Public Outreach and Civil Society Division’ of the ASEAN Secretariat is making various efforts to reach the public, ranging from welcoming visitors groups and making promotional material and resource persons available for public events to offering training for journalists and presenting ASEAN’s activities at key events. National governments also play a big part in raising awareness of ASEAN in their countries. Last, but not least, social media is becoming increasingly important as a tool for reaching ASEAN’s citizens, especially young people.

As the survey shows, there is room for improvement, though, and DELGOSEA is keen to find ways to make ASEAN better known on the local level. Communication materials are available from the ASEAN Secretariat, though mainly in English which constitutes a certain language barrier – the disseminations channels are also not perfectly suited to reach the target audience, though, with CSOs and local governments not yet involved in the way they could and should be.

This is the kind of gap that DELGOSEA could fill by channelling information on the latest ASEAN activities to both LGAs and CSO networks, encouraging them to pass these on to their members and the general public. The network can also facilitate dissemination activities for example at the Global Mayor Forum in September, DELGOSEA workshops and training of trainers.

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