Short Memo: Bacolod Institutionalizes Sustainability

Short Memo: Bacolod Institutionalizes Sustainability


On July 31, the Bacolod consortium for People-Public-Private-Partnership held a meeting to discuss the further steps of the Bacolod Youth Home. The groundbreaking scheduled for August 2, was not the only good message shared during this event.

Councilor Ang announced that she will author an ordinance which aims at institutionalizing the consortium and thereby enabling it to be sustained beyond terms of government officials. The technical working group offered its support in regard to the registration with the security and exchange commission.

The Bacolod community development consortium is composed of a management board incl. honorary chair, honorary vice chair, overall chairperson from private sector and vice-chair, committee chairpersons and a secretariat. It has five committees:

  • Finance and Resource Management
  • Project Design
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Procurement and Inventory
  • Community and Mobilization
A member of the team said on the DELGOSEA Facebook page ‘We had a very fruitful meeting with our consortium members! thanks for everybody who came and showed so much enthusiasm to work with the public sector in improving and reaching out to many constituents!’

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