Short Memo: Corporate Social Responsibility in Tarakan

Short Memo: Corporate Social Responsibility in Tarakan


On June 25, 2012 a preparatory meeting took place to present the TALING* project to the KALTIM Bank in Tarakan City, Indonesia.

The meeting is in line with the overall objective of the Tarakan government to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the project design. It aims to enrich the best practice replication of the Marikina’s eco-savers project with a new element.

The discussion took place at the Office of Education in Tarakan City. Participants were the Head of Tarakan Planning Agency, the local DELGOSEA coach for Tarakan, the TALING field facilitators, representatives from the Environment Office and pilot schools. CSR is a crucial component in the extension of the TALING project towards all schools in Tarakan.

In order to mitigate the budget shortfall preemptively, the local government has formed a team to draft project proposals, which will be submitted within the CSR framework of the KALTIM Bank. An approval by the bank would enable the expansion of the TALING project by the third quarter of 2012.

*TALING stands for Tabungan Lingkungan (Save the Environment)

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