Short Memo: Dr. Marion Fischer visits the Thai Pilot City Yala

Short Memo: Dr. Marion Fischer visits the Thai Pilot City Yala


On the 31st January 2012, the DELGOSEA project evaluator Dr. Marion Fischer visited Yala Municipality. Her task was to examine the replication process of the pilot city as well as to assist with the adaptation of the logframe.

Dr. Fischer was joined by Mr. Pongsak Yingchoncharoen, the mayor of Yala City; Mr. Sataporn Kanjanaboos, the vice mayor of Yala City and CEO of the Yala taskforce; city staff as well as the monitoring team from Yala Rajabhat University and representatives from four pilot communities. Dr. Wilaiwan, who is the leader of the Yala monitoring team, presented their findings for the first monitoring activity in Yala City to Dr. Fischer. Dr. Fischer was given the opportunity to talk to all stakeholders present and therefore get a clear picture of what happened so far in the replication process of Yala City.

The mayor concluded this fruitful visit by saying that ‘the project is already successful but it needs some more time to achieve its overarching aim and also enables us to compile the lessons-learned’. Mr. Pongsak added that ‘it [the project] tends to increase the people participation also in other public services’. As head of Yala City, he looking forward and ‘hope[s] that the capacity building activity, which will be organized by the middle of February, will also be able to energize and encourage other communities to participate in municipal public services’.

Reported by Ms. Kanlayanee Kanjanathanee,
Yala Municipality

Edited by DELGOSEA Communication Office


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